Pharmacoeconomics: Practical cost-benefit ratio

The economic assessment criteria within the healthcare system are becoming increasingly important given the limited resources available to a company. In addition to economic aspects, ethical factors must also be taken into account in the market introduction of medicines. Furthermore, a large number of stakeholders with different needs and objectives must be heard and involved.

Healthcare-related economic analyses assist in the rational choice of therapy. They help identify medicines and medical measures as well as care structures and regulatory measures that make medical sense and take economic aspects into account. The goals of the institute are the mediation between the stakeholders and an optimal ratio of quality, performance and costs.

  • Medical economic models

  • Pharmacoeconomic studies

  • Expenditure analyses and expert reports

  • Independent mediation between payers, service providers, product manufacturers and decision-makers

  • Market analyses and assessments of the market conditions

  • Continued education and presentations

  • Drug benefit assessment